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The Vadász is an authentic English pub in the heart of downtown Budapest. More than 45 kinds of whiskey, Irish draft beer, premium rum and vodka, excellent wines, culinary delicacies, specialties of Hungarian and international cuisine, quality meats (with abundant portions at affordable prices) await our guests.


If you want to taste a special whiskey, or are thinking about where to watch the next sport event with your friends, or just simply want to enjoy high-quality meals, then you will not be disappointed in the Vadász Gastro & Pub. Come, and try it out!


The Vadász

Vadász Gastro & Pub

At the Vadász Gastro & Pub we will do our best to preserve the legacy of the former John Bull Hunting Restaurant. The original English solid wood furniture, the unique whiskey range, the Irish beers and the quality of the dishes evoke the atmosphere of an authentic English Pub.

We have a lot of delicious food on our menu today, but for a gourmet we are always ready to prepare other delicacies, whether on individual request or for corporate events. Whether it’s stuffed pheasant, wild boar, quail with various sauces, Wellington steak, Omaha steak, Omaha sirloin, or Irish or New Zealand Lamb, you will not be disappointed! Call us and order your favorite dish.


Some interesting Facts

What We Are Proud Of

At our place anyone is invited to experience the unmatched mood of a real English Pub. We look forward to host you with delicious dishes, true drink specialties and of course with our friendly service.

</p> <p>kinds of malt whiskey

Kinds of special rum

Kinds of draft beer (Kilkenny, DAB, Guinness and hungarian craft beers)

years as a hunter restaurant in service of our guests

Food & beverages


Malt Whiskey & Special Rum Offer

We do not deny that we are very proud of the fact that there are more than 45 kinds of Malt Whiskey in our range. Encompassing true treasures such the 25-year-old Glenfiddich or Glenfarclas.

Draught & Craft Beers


A real pub can not miss on Guiness and Kilkenny, so we can not either. Of course, we do not forget about the lovers of lager beer: DAB and Hungarian Craft Beers complete our range.

Excellent Ingredients & Specialties

If you visit us do not miss on our specialties: the Deer Steak, the Deer Stew, our Veal Ribs, or Tomahowk Steak, the U5 King Crab (10 dkg), the Salmon-, Red Tuna, or Cod Fillet. We await you with Classical Pub Meals and delicious Hungarian dishes.

Thank You


Fabulous Wild Stew

“Wild Deer Stew, with dumplings, it’s like we’ve been telling stories about it ever since!”


Late Lunch

“We find our way in by chance between lunch and dinner time, we did not regret it. We ate delicicious meals, the service was friendly and at a fair price. I can only recommend it.”


Excellent Chef

“I ate a Beefsteak, it was crazy! My compliment to the Chef!”



“With my wife every year we celebrate our anniversay with a delicious dinner here. Everything was abundant and good-natured! Serving is also very nice!”


Opening Hours


12:00 – 24:00

in case of reservation